Louis Cortes

Ithaca, New York State.

Postdoctoral position in Biophysics

Louis is a postdoctoral associate in the Lambert lab, School of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University. He is currently researching on  the role of metabolism and environmental fluctuations on antimicrobial resistance. 

Christ Church College, Oxford.

Doctor in physical and theoretical chemistry

Louis obtained his PhD at the University of Oxford. Member of the Oxford Colloid Group, he studied the behavior, dynamics and confinement of colloidal liquid crystals (learn more about the research).  

DiStruc people in Bordeaux meeting.

A European program of excellence

Louis' PhD project was embedded in the Innovative Training Network called DiStruc, which counted 15 PhD students hosted by 9 academic and industrial organisations. Interactions between students and researchers were promoted by regular progress meetings, workshops and secondments.  (read more)

Louis giving a master at Jülich Forschungszentrum.


Louis shared his work and experience in different ways. He traveled across Europe to give 9 talks, defend 3 posters and participate to 3 outreach events. He also published a first author paper, taught physics tutorials to Oxford undergraduates and gave a master class about diffusion.

Colloidal liquid crystals confined into a square.


Louis got familiar with many soft matter topics through group presentations, seminars, workshops and conferences. But his expertise is on phase behavior, dynamics and confinement of colloidal liquid crystals on one hand; and on the other hand gene expression at the single cell level. 


Louis' general interest is for jobs with positive impact on society. He is particularly curious about research connected to health and climate change issues.

Short-lived hand stand.


Louis acquired a lot of transferable skills such as writing (reports and papers), presenting (talks and posters), teaching (undergraduates and general public) and supervising (summer and master students). 

On the top of that Louis mastered the following experimental techniques: microscopy (SEM, confocal, BF, fluoresence), soft lithography, colloid synthesis, image analysis, bacterial cell culture, Gibson assembly, PCR amplification. 

Transferable Skills


Experimental skills